The one word scaring Wall Street, 20 trades for earnings season, and 6 investing trends to watch in 2020

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With so much focus on the US-China trade war and ongoing tensions with Iran, it’s entirely possible for other risks to slide under the radar. But what if we told you that Wall Street is actually most worried about something else entirely — a force that’s lingered dangerously under the market’s surface for years?

That would be inflation, which has remained low throughout much of the almost 11-year bull market, but could wreak havoc if a spike occurs. We surveyed experts from BlackRock, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley, and found that it’s their foremost concern related to the stock market, even as geopolitical turmoil swirls.

But those titans of finance have taken it a step further and provided advice around how investors can protect themselves. They offer a range of advice, from seeking out low-volatility stocks to looking outside equities entirely.

Going beyond that, here’s a rundown of some more recent coverage:

Goldman Sachs reveals 20 single-stock trades that are historically cheap and will help you make a killing during earnings season

The stock market’s low volatility has cheapened options trades that would profit from the big price swings that typically occur during earnings season. A team of derivatives strategists at Goldman Sachs identified 20 stocks where earnings-related options strategies are relatively inexpensive.


From Iran tensions to Trump’s impeachment, JPMorgan ranks the 6 drivers that will dictate markets in early 2020 — and breaks down how to invest in them

John Normand, head of cross-asset fundamental strategy for JPMorgan, decided to rank the six biggest issues facing the market between now and the end of the first quarter.


‘This is a really huge buy signal’: Billionaire Bond King Jeffrey Gundlach lays out a juicy investment setup worth seizing — one that’s happened only a handful of times in the past 100 years

Jeffrey Gundlach — the CEO and chief investment officer of DoubleLine Capital — shares a rare scenario happening right now that has historically rewarded patient investors. At the center of his analysis is his expectation for a weaker US dollar.


Other good stories from the investing realm:

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