Ashley Martson Delivers Major Health Update: Is She Okay?

Ashley martson on 90 day fiance

Recently, Ashley Martson and Jay Smith shared a throwback of when they were filming for 90 Day Fiance.

With Season 4 of Happily Ever After? looming in the not-so-distant future, Ashley is sharing a very important health update.

As we all know, she has an ongoing battle with lupus and has had two lengthy hospitalizations this year in as many months.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, Ashley opens up about the current state of her health and what she expects in the future.

Read her words for yourself, below:

1. Ashley Martson has a health update

As fans are very well aware, she has lupus — and has proven it by showing her medical records for the world to see. This chronic autoimmune condition ravages her body and put her in the hospital with kidney failure earlier this year.

2. She’s still with Jay

Just this week, Ashley shared this cute photo. We love how much it contrasts them as a couple from, say, Molly and Luis, who joked about being a green card marriage long before their bitter divorce.

3. And they no longer have to keep their romance a secret

Ashley and Jay waited ages to share this particular photo because they were under a veil of producer-mandated secrecy. Ashley broke the confidentiality agreement after their fraud scandal, but they were happy for the chance to share this pic.

4. And her children are her first priority

Looking at this “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” quote from Mean Girls, we’re reminded that the excellent film in question is older than any of Ashley’s children … oh gosh that makes us feel ancient beyond words.

5. Ashley has been hospitalized twice this year

Neither were brief visits. The first time, she had been found unresponsive.

6. But Ashley says that things are better now

“My health is improving each day,” Ashley tells In Touch Weekly.

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