Cate Blanchett’s four kids keep her humble: They ‘tolerate zero navel-gazing’

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette was a popular book which I never got around to reading. I remember two different trips to the bookstore where I held the book in my hand and read the back and then put the book down. I’m sure many people enjoyed it, but I just… well, it just didn’t seem all that great, but again, I’ve only read the back cover. Anyway, the book was so popular that that it’s now a movie starring Cate Blanchett as Bernadette (with Richard Linklater directing, weird). Anyway, here are some photos of Cate at a New York screening of the film several days ago. She seems to be doing a lot of high-necks and volume lately. While I love that Cate doesn’t follow trends (she starts trends), I don’t think this is the look.

Meanwhile, there are some new Blanchett interviews around, and I found this one interesting – Cate chatted with People about motherhood and sunscreen:

From trying to control all that sweat to preventing sunburns at the beach, summer comes with an array of unique challenges, especially for parents with young kids like Cate Blanchett. When asked about the hardest part of being a mom to her four children — daughter Edith Vivian Patricia, 4, plus sons Ignatius Martin, 11, Roman Robert, 15, and Dashiell John, 17 — the Where’d You Go, Bernadette star tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, “Trying to apply sunscreen to a 4-year-old.”

Blanchett, 50, jokes that another struggle is “being kicked in the head by all the small feet in my bed at 3 a.m.” But all of the other areas of motherhood, the Oscar winner says, are the “easiest.”

Blanchett’s kids — whom she shares with her husband of 21 years, Australian writer and producer Andrew Upton — also help keep her humble. Getting out of character as Bernadette Fox in her new dramedy, based on Maria Semple’s 2012 best-selling novel, simply required sitting down with her family for a meal. “I take the wig off and have dinner with my children, who tolerate zero navel-gazing,” Blanchett says.

“They have always been there, they’ve just been thin on the ground and poorly resourced,” Blanchett says of strong female leads. “I’m relishing the diversity of voices currently being unleashed.”

[From People]

“I take the wig off and have dinner with my children, who tolerate zero navel-gazing.” I believe it, just as I believe that the kids have lived a nomadic life with their parents, who are always on the road for various things. But 21 years together is no f–king joke – very few marriages make it that long. Of course there have been a few hiccups – remember the 2016 stories about his infidelity? – but the truth of the matter is that they’ve managed to stay together for more than two decades, raise four children and still maintain successful careers. It’s kind of remarkable.

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