Michelle Williams had mice in her car ‘a hole had been chewed through the seat’


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Last week, those of us who watch Busy Tonight finally got the moment we’d been waiting for: Busy Philipps’ BFF, Michelle Williams, came by for a visit and oh my gawd, Michelle looked incredible. I hope newlywed bliss plays into her glow, at least a little bit. Ostensibly, Michelle was there to promote her role as Gwen Verdon in Fosse/Verdon but really, it was just an excuse for the two ladies to hang out all night. And because Busy was so excited to have Michelle there, she cut all the filler and just brought Michelle out for the whole show. It was fun and showed how much affection they have for each other. Their chemistry was comforting and made me miss my close friends. They kept telling outrageous stories like crashing jet skis and this one, in which Michelle had a family of mice living in her car:

Remember that time you had the mouse living in your car? In New York? In the winter, Michelle had a family of mice living in her Prius.
*gasps* I don’t want to talk about it! I am a Virgo except when it comes to my car because, I just don’t care that much about cars. So it’s very ‘accessorized’ with belongings and…

It’s trashy
It’s trashy

To be fair, when the mice took up residence in your Prius, Matilda was little so when [your] kid is little, you’re used to crackers on the ground and stuff
It had just been Easter time and I looked in the backseat of the car and I was like, ‘wow, what a mess. There’s eggshells and half eaten eggs and, whoa, half eaten eggshells of the eggs. So, Matilda, don’t eat the eggshells of the eggs. I hadn’t realized yet. And then I looked down and I was like, ‘Boy, the car is really getting maximum dirty and there were like branches and twigs and things. ‘And then I think, ‘Oh no – nonono, those are turd.’ And then I noticed a hole had been chewed through the seat and the mice had been eating the Easter eggs.

You never, ever stop seeing, when you look in the rearview mirror, a little mouse head pops up. That never goes away

Mice are, in fact, my favorite animal so I never get as freaked out by them as I should be, especially having been a mouse mom to so many throughout my life (all buried in Cracker Jack boxes in my families pet cemetery). However, not even I could turn a blind eye to a mouse family living in my car.

After Busy and Michelle discussed Michelle’s phantom mouse visions, they discussed the idea that they should have a party for their 20th friendiversary. …read more

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