Breaking Down Adele’s First New Music in 6 Years

After six years of silence, British pop megastar Adele has at last dropped “Easy on Me,” the first single from her forthcoming fourth studio album 30. Since the release of her third album in 2015, the 33-year-old 15-time Grammy winner has gotten married and divorced and opened up about living with depression. Given that she is famous the world over for her heart-wrenching, personal ballads, six years of life will have undoubtedly provided ample material for more in that vein—and “Easy on Me” offers proof that fans looking for familiar comfort in that which they’ve long loved about Adele will find it in this project.
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Here’s what to know about the new single, and about the long-awaited release of 30.

What does “Easy on Me” sound like?

The singer teased a sneak preview of the single’s music video to fans on Oct. 5. Four days later, Adele sent social media into a frenzy as she played a clip with lyrics during an Instagram live, admitting she “might get in trouble for playing it.”

Easy On Me – October 15

— Adele (@Adele) October 5, 2021

When the song and video finally dropped, they featured Adele in the powerful, emotive mode fans have come to love and expect. Sonically, “Easy on Me” is a melodic piano ballad with ample room for Adele’s vocals to shine and a booming chorus sure to be quickly memorized and belted out by her legions of fans, especially those in the throes of heartbreak.

Thematically, the song reflects on the end of a relationship. “There ain’t no room for things to change/ when we are both so deeply stuck in our ways,” she sings. “You can’t deny how hard I’ve tried/ I changed who I was to put you both first but now I give up.” It doesn’t take much to guess that the “both” in this lyric refers to Adele’s ex-husband and their child together.

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She sings of having been “still a child/ didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me,” perhaps connecting her turbulent childhood to the breakdown of her adult relationship.

What about the music video?

The five-and-a-half-minute video, rendered at first in black and white before dramatically blooming into deep fall colors, and directed by Xavier Dolan, features the singer packing up and heading out of a quiet country home with a “Sold” sign in front of it on a blustery day. With winged eyeliner, a trench coat, voluminous hair and razor-sharp nails, she takes a phone call from someone she calls “darling.” She gets into her car, puts a cassette in the tape player and begins to sing her wistful tune.

As she drives, pages of music fly off of her car into the wind, the past metaphorically shed, perhaps older versions of herself as an artist sailing away with them.

When is 30 set to arrive?

In a post shared on her Twitter account, Adele revealed that her new album, 30, will be released on Nov. 19. In a statement shared on …read more

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