Chase Rice, on his packed concert, there’s ‘a lot of different opinions on COVID-19′


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A post shared by CHASE RICE (@chaserice) on Jun 29, 2020 at 2:53pm PDT

Yesterday we reported on the fact that two country stars had packed concerts over the weekend, Chase Rice and Chris Janson. Both Chase and Chris posted photos and videos of their shows, but Chris deleted his and hasn’t issued further comment. Chase left his up on his stories until they expired and has since recorded a video where he sounds just like the Fox News viewers his music targets. I’ve transcribed his video. You guys owe me for watching it. He looks like he smells like cigarettes, stale beer and halitosis.

I just wanted to address my show Saturday night. I had a show in east Tennessee I took a video of the concert, everybody had a blast. Once I posted a video of the concert, a lot of people seeing that online had a big problem with how the show looked, how the show went down. I understand there’s a lot of different opinions on covid-19, just like how it works with large music crowds and what all that looks like. My biggest thing is y’all. Y’all is why I get to tour the country, do live shows, sing songs. So your safety is a huge priority. Moving forward, I have a show in Ashland, Kentucky on Friday and it’s a drive-in show. Please stay with the people you came with. The safer we are now the quicker we get to actual, normal live shows.

He plugged his next show because of course he did. It’s a drive-in show so he seems to get it, or he doesn’t want people to continue to call him out, especially in his own industry.

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Yes, there are a lot of different opinions on covid, just like there are a lot of different opinions on climate science. Opinions don’t f’ing matter, facts and science do. Concerts and bars are super spreader events. These people are so stupid and are putting so many lives at risk with this idiocy. This is why we’re in this situation, because people are perpetuating this idea that all opinions are someone valid or equal. They are f’ing not on any level. Facts and truth matters, especially during a pandemic and especially during a global health crisis. I’m ashamed I live here when this type of “opinion” is given so much validity and weight by the media and by the US leadership. It should not be legal to have regular concerts at this time (except at drive-ins).

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This day don’t happen without quarantine. God bless country music🤘🏼

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