I was a chief diversity officer for 25 years. Right now, being silent is supporting violence — use boldness to fight racism in the workplace instead.

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Jackie Glenn is the founder of Glenn Diversity and HR Solutions. She is the former chief diversity officer for Dell EMC.
The recent spate of killings involving Black people and White police officers has forced many companies to reexamine their diversity efforts. Workplaces are also starting to take accountability for their role in upholding systemic racism. 
If white and non-black people of color do not challenge racial stereotypes in their day-to-day lives — Glenn said Black colleagues will continue to face racial injustice in the workplace and beyond. 
Glenn recommends workers employ boldness to call out racial bias, and other microaggressions that largely burden Black colleagues in corporate America. 

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Over the past month we have witnessed a series of unjust murders in the Black community: Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, just to name a few. These are not tragedies that have befallen us out of nowhere — they are the result of a long history of systemic racism. Every life has value, but senseless attacks continue to rain down upon the Black community without consequence as if our lives have no worth — that is why it’s important to stand up and say Black Lives Matter. 

In my last piece for Business Insider, I shared one of the ten “gems” from my book “Lift As I Climb: An Immigrant Girl’s Journey Through Corporate America.” Each gem is a value that has guided me in my life. I recounted how the boldness gem can be used to take charge in your career. 

As the world continues to be inundated with stories of injustice, we are all obligated to look outside of ourselves and focus on lifting those in need instead. In my 25-year tenure as a chief diversity officer in corporate America, no one was eager to discuss matters of race. People are finally starting to listen. The time is now, and I am compelled to take this moment to share how my boldness and resilience gems can be channeled to benefit those around us who need it most.

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While we can all see the events playing out, it has become clear that the reaction to these events varies greatly from person to person. Every single person in this country should be outraged. If you have turned a blind eye, ignored the cries for justice, and kept on with your normal life, you are part of the problem. Let me be clear — silence is supporting the violence. 

I describe boldness as the willingness to do the right thing at the right time, regardless of the barriers we may encounter. This statement couldn’t be more relevant today. This is not a time to shrink up and hold your tongue. 

Call out microaggressions that are thrown your way. Call out bias as you see it occur. The responsibility falls upon each of us to speak out against the injustices we see. Barriers may materialize in tense moments with the Amy Coopers of the world who use their whiteness as …read more

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