Jenelle Evans: David Only Abused Kaiser, Not Ensley!

Jenelle with Kaiser and Ensley

When Jenelle Evans first regained custody of her kids back in the summer of 2019, she seemed remorseful and accepting of the fact that she would need to make some serious changes in order to ensure that they’d never be taken from her again.

Needless to say, that didn’t last long.

These days, Jenelle is self-producing an embarrassing YouTube series called “I Have Something to Say.”

It should probably be subtitled “I’ve Never Done Anything Wrong In My Entire Life, and My Husband Is Also Perfect.”

The series finds Evans distorting the truth, dodging facts, and twisting herself into knots to avoid accepting responsibility for the fact that her children were taken away from her.

Jenelle Evans: F–k It, Dude! CPS Can Keep My Kids!

Now, CPS generally doesn’t take allegations of abuse lightly.

And they also don’t remove three kids from their parents home unless they really feel that those children are at risk.

Despite what Jenelle thinks, the investigators who showed up at her home last year weren’t saying to themselves, “Let’s destroy this ladies’ family because she was mean on that reality show.”

Instead, they responded to allegations that David shot and killed the family dog in front of his kids — allegations that were later proven true, of course — and when they arrived at the home, they observed classic signs of abuse.

Now, Jenelle is taking issue with the agency’s findings.

Mind you, she’s not disputing that her son Kaiser suffered some sort of abuse while living under her roof.

But she insists that her daughter Ensley was never mistreated.

CPS disagrees, of course.

“The juvenile has suffered physical injury or sexual abuse,” read one document filed by the agency in reference to Ensley.

“The juvenile is exposed to a substantial risk or physical injury or sexual abuse because the parent, guardian, custodian or caretaker has created conditions likely to cause injury or abuse or has failed to provide, or is unable to provide, adequate supervision or protection,” read another box that was checked on the form.

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In the end, CPS concluded that they’d established “a reasonable factual basis to believe that the matters alleged in the petition are true, that there are no other reasonable means available to protect the juvenile.”

In a new Instagram Story, Jenelle railed against the findings and committed some shocking acts of abuse against the concept of subject-verb agreement.

“The allegations of abuse was lies and it was about physical abuse against my son, nothing to do with my daughter,” Evans ranted at one point.

“Some of you have commented to say ‘you posted the documents and Ensley’s name was in those papers.'”

Yes, Jenelle’s primary complaint seems to be that people actually watched her lame videos and pointed out the many ways in which she’s full of crap.

“Even though there were allegations against us, against Kaiser, the same allegations were on every kid’s paperwork, so all the paperwork had the same allegations for every single child and that is why Ensley’s matched Kaiser’s matched Maryssa – they all matched each other,” Jenelle …read more

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