Nicole Nafziger Obliterates Mom-Shamer: You Don’t Know My Life!

Nicole nafziger and daughter may may turns 6

Nicole Nafziger has gotten dragged by fans and even slammed by a former 90 Day Fiance castmate.


Partially because she is a popular target for “fans” to criticize — one of the reasons that she is no longer filming for the franchise.

Additionally, Nicole has been effectively stranded in Morocco for the duration of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Though Nicole learly loves her 6-year-old daughter very much, fans are giving her hell for spending so much time away from May.

Nicole’s most recent confirmation that she is still in Morocco was met with the usual mom-shaming.

This time, for the first time in ages, Nicole clapped back — hard.

1. is Nicole Nafziger a … bad mom? (No)

Mom-shamers are once again coming after Nicole for her prolonged stay in Morocco after the COVID-19 pandemic turned her two week trip to see her fiance, Azan, into an extended residency.

2. Nicole is still in Morocco

A week after Independence Day, she will have been there for four months. That is a very prolonged visit.

3. It hasn’t all been fun and games

Obviously, she was thrilled beyond words to be reunited with Azan after spending so much time apart.

4. But at the same time …

Just one week into her visit (if that), the Moroccan government shut down everything, from restaurants to airports. She has been stuck … though some fans say that there are alternatives that Nicole could explore.

5. This week, Nicole posted this!

She praised and tagged her mother, writing: “Thank you for taking care of my little girl since I can’t come back home yet.” This is confirmation of what we already knew, that Nicole is still in Morocco three and a half months after setting off for what was to be a two-week visit with Azan.

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6. The photo was a throwback

Nicole wasn’t trying to hide that. Notably, we showed everyone a similar image from her Stories back in March. It’s from when Robbalee drove Nicole to the airport for her flight. It says so, right on (this version of) the photo.

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