Reese Witherspoon just wants us to prepare for crypto being ‘the norm’

6th Annual InStyle Awards 2021

Reese Witherspoon is very rich and she’s a successful producer, actress and lifestyler. She’s also something of an Instagram influencer, I guess you’d call it. I mean, she’s much more online these days, and she uses her social media to talk about books, business, clothes, everything. This week, she did a post about habits people can adopt to easily improve their daily lives. Her suggestions: drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning, spend at least 10 minutes outside in daylight, reading 30-60 minutes without distraction every day, and trying to get eight hours of sleep (which is bonkers). Reese’s nice little post got a reply from Ina Garten, the Food Network chef who spends her days getting drunk, cooking chicken and playing cards with her gay-dude friends.

Ina said fuck productivity

— John (@PettiNetty) January 11, 2022

Ina’s comment reminds us all to… you know, give ourselves a break.

Meanwhile, Reese is also getting into crypto?? Girl, can we not??

In the (near) future, every person will have a parallel digital identity. Avatars, crypto wallets, digital goods will be the norm. Are you planning for this?

— Reese Witherspoon (@ReeseW) January 11, 2022

This is like the mom-influencer version of Matt Damon’s “get laid, conquer the world, buy crypto” commercial. Reese is obviously being paid somewhere, by someone, to do this wide-eyed Mary Kay version of “you want to be prepared, right?? That’s why you need to get into crypto, ladies!” The comments on that tweet were pretty bad.

For people just discovering it, yes, Reese Witherspoon’s account has been tweeting about crypto and NFTs for awhile now. I blocked her a ways back. We can all assume some crypto company paid to have access to her account. And she’s fine with that.

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— Zack Davisson (@ZackDavisson) January 11, 2022

No Reese Witherspoon I am not planning on spending my life’s savings on a jpeg of a monkey

— Nick, Digital Hobo (@EpicManNbEc) January 11, 2022

i never thought there’d be a day we’d have to tell reese witherspoon to go outside and touch some grass but here we are

— em !! (taylor’s version) (@thisisemtrying) January 11, 2022

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