Scotland Yard will not investigate the abuse allegations against Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts **FILE PHOTOS**

While this news is not shocking, I’m kind of surprised that they announced it so quickly. When Virginia Roberts Giuffre sued Prince Andrew for sexual abuse and rape, Scotland Yard quickly opened an investigation into Giuffre’s claims, even though Virginia had been telling her story for years. Scotland Yard made a big deal about how they were looking into things too, and how “no one is above the law,” not even the Queen’s favorite pervert son. Well, it turns out that everyone was right to roll their eyes at the Yard’s PR. Scotland Yard has shut down what wasn’t even a real investigation into the crimes against Virginia.

Scotland Yard will not investigate sexual abuse allegations against the Duke of York, according to reports. The Met reportedly spoke to the accuser Virginia Giuffre and are now said to have decided not to take any further action on her claims. The prince faces a civil suit in the US which was brought by Ms Giuffre, who claims he raped her when she was 17.

The Met was also said to have decided not to take further action over Ms Giuffre’s claims against the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who she says trafficked her when the alleged incidents with Andrew took place. Police have not confirmed if they spoke to Ms Giuffre recently.

In August, the Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick said the force would monitor developments in the civil suit against Prince Andrew in the US and review its position not to open an investigation into the allegations. The Met has examined Ms Giuffre’s allegations at least twice since 2015 but has never opened an investigation, saying that the matter is for US authorities. The force reportedly said it would continue to work with the US police on matters relating to Epstein.

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A statement reported in The Mirror said: “As a matter of procedure MPS officers reviewed a document released in August 2021 as part of a US civil action. This review has concluded and we are taking no further action. We also reviewed information passed to us by a media organisation in June 2021. This review is complete and no further action will be taken.”

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People are saying that Cressida Dick got paid off or that calls were made. I… don’t think that’s how it happened. I think that this is just structural white supremacy and white privilege in action. The Queen’s aides don’t even *need* to make calls to Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard knew well enough to bury the review or fail to investigate, because they understand the ecosystem in which they live. Scotland Yard shouldn’t expect anyone to take them seriously though – not on their “reviews,” not on their investigations. If they can’t even see anything worth investigating in this situation, how do they have any credibility when it comes to other investigations involving human trafficking, rape, pedophilia, and powerful, well-connected criminals?

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