Amour Vert is an up-and-coming sustainable fashion brand that makes clothes in limited quantities — here’s what sets it apart, plus our review

amour vert

When we think about sustainable fashion, there’s often a sense that something (usually style or comfort) is being sacrificed.
Amour Vert, a sustainable fashion brand, is completely upending that notion by making pieces that are chic, comfortable, and better for the planet.
Producing items in limited quantities and planting trees with purchases of T-shirts are just two of the ways the brand is contributing to a more eco-friendly future.
We got to try two dresses from Amour Vert (ranging in price from $118 to $178) and were impressed with the quality, style, and overall mission of the brand.

As a product reviewer, I’ve become hyper-aware of my own consumption. Constantly testing new products, covering launches, and researching brands surely makes you a more conscious consumer; gone are the days of credit card swiping with abandon.

In helping Business Insider readers discover the best products and brands out there, I’ve learned about which brands I think are worth spending my own money on, too. Amour Vert is one of those brands that I’m happy to have discovered, and equally happy to support.

Amour Vert translates to “Green Love” in French, a name that fits perfectly when you consider everything the brand stands for. While a fashion brand, Amour Vert is committed to making clothing that is thoughtful, versatile, and sustainable. They’re accomplishing this with unique product methods, environmental initiatives, and timeless pieces that you’ll want to keep in your closet forever.

How Amour Vert prioritizes sustainability

From the way they make their clothing, to the brands they choose to feature on site, to the environmental organizations they’ve partnered with, it’s clear that sustainability really is the backbone of Amour Vert’s brand. Here’s a little overview of all of the unique things Amour Vert is doing to make sustainability a priority:


Mass production can make clothing cheaper for consumers, but it doesn’t do much good for the environment as it typically leads to massive amounts of waste. In an effort to eliminate excess waste, Amour Vert pieces are made in limited quantities. This also means that each piece is made with more care. And, limited quantity means the selection is always changing, so there’s always something new to find on the site.

Signature fabrics

Amour Vert works directly with mills to develop signature fabrics that not only feel great but are better for the environment, too. The signature modal is made from sustainably harvested beechwood fibers. The Mulberry silk and organic cotton are both free of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful toxins. Merino wool is made at a sustainable-power plant, from ethically treated animals. The Tencel comes from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees and the Cupro used is made from cotton linter that would otherwise just be thrown into a landfill as waste. The thought that goes into making these innovative blends translates directly into the superior quality you’ll experience with its clothing.

Tree planting

For every Amour Vert T-shirt that is purchased, the brand plants a …read more

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