How to shop at Grove Collaborative, the site that makes buying household cleaning supplies convenient and environmentally friendly

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All the home products, including natural cleaning supplies, makeup, and baby products, sold on Grove Collaborative are non-toxic, ethically made, and cruelty-free.
The certified B Corp wants to make it as easy as possible to shop brands you’ll feel good about using in your home and on your body.
It does this by supplying top brands like Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation and offering an auto-replenishment subscription service for the supplies you’ll always need.
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Finding brands that you feel good about using in your home and on your body is getting easier. If you’re looking for natural cleaning products, skin care and makeup, and even baby products, you have more options than ever before.

Though the number of natural brands is growing, it does take time to vet these individual products and brands, and there still aren’t many places where you can buy all of them in one place. Grove Collaborative, a company that delivers all-natural home, beauty, and personal-care products from top brands, hopes to become the only site you visit to keep your home stocked with these supplies.

At Grove Collaborative, you can shop kitchen and bathroom cleaning products, laundry detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, diapers, vitamins and supplements, and more.

They all come from brands that pass the following criteria: non-toxic, transparent ingredients, plant-based formulas, cruelty-free, ethical supply chains, and sustainable materials. Many of the brands sold on the site are certified B Corps, and Grove Collaborative itself is a certified B Corp.

The most popular brands on the site include Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation. Grove Collaborative also sells its own natural home products, which we’ve tested before and loved.

Beyond a curated and pre-vetted product selection, one of the biggest reasons to shop on Grove Collaborative has more to do with how you receive these products.

The site has a subscription delivery option that sends you your supplies at the same time every month, or at another frequency of your choice. Since things like cleaning supplies are necessities that you’ll always want in the house, it makes sense to apply a system of auto-replenishment here. By implementing a subscription option, Grove Collaborative ensures you never run out of your favorite natural home products. Restocking on toilet paper and laundry detergent becomes one less thing you have to check off your ever-expanding list of errands.

There are order minimums ($20 for all first orders, $17 for all auto-shipments) on the site, but its purpose is to reduce the packaging waste of sending products in multiple packages. In addition, each box shipped is carbon offset, meaning that to offset the shipping emissions, the company purchases credits to fund projects that …read more

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