These $25 boxer briefs are the most supportive I’ve ever found — here’s what makes them different

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Saxx Underwear Co. makes boxer briefs designed for all-day comfort thanks to myriad thoughtful details.
Their proprietary “Ballpark Pouch” reduces the friction and moisture buildup than can cause discomfort, irritation, and plenty of annoyance.
They also offer men’s underwear in a wide and wild variety of styles, so you can match your boxers to your mood.
They’re not cheap at around $25 a pair, but in my experience, they’re worth the cost.

When it comes to underwear, men get the short end of the stick. We have basically three choices for this most intimate piece of apparel — the brief, the boxer, and the boxer brief — none of which is particularly exciting. While women’s underwear can be functional, fetching, or both, men’s underwear is more or less stuck at function.

Recently, I found a company that makes boxer briefs that function so well I’ve tossed out many of my older pairs.

Once you wear Saxx Underwear Co. boxer briefs, you, too, will probably thin the ranks in your underwear drawer, making room for new favorites. The only catch? The cheapest pair out there still costs about $25.

Why the Ballpark Pouch makes all the difference:

Cleverly albeit crassly named, the Ballpark Pouch is the most notable design element of a pair of Saxx boxer briefs, so let’s start there. This is one of those “why didn’t they think of it before?” innovations: two little flaps of fabric keep a man’s legs and his business separated, and offer extra support to the latter.

The Ballpark Pouch prevents skin-on-skin contact and reduces friction, whether you’re playing a heated game of ball, out for a jog, or just going about your daily routine. The pouch also helps prevent the buildup of moisture down there, reducing irritation, odor, and general annoyance. You guys know all about this — you probably shifted a bit in your chair just now, right?

And finally the pouch adds just a bit more lift and support, which you’ll appreciate during athletic activity and leisure time alike.

The fabric blend, perfected:

Lots of boxer briefs are snug and supportive. Boxer briefs from Saxx are snug, and supportive, but also comfortable and nonrestrictive. You’ll forget you’re wearing them after a few seconds thanks to how well the blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex threads gently adhere to your body. The four-way stretch material moves with you, staying in place no matter how active you get. And it wicks away plenty of sweat, too, keeping you dry.

Flat seams and a wide 1.4-inch waist band finish off the fit, securing the underwear and ensuring your comfort.

And speaking of fabric, I know earlier I said that men’s underwear aren’t that exciting since in terms of styles and cuts and such, …read more

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