2022 midterms: What issues are Utah voters most concerned about?

The American flag and the Utah flag are pictured inside the Gold Room at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Friday, Jan. 22, 2021.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Plenty of hot issues face voters and policymakers as the 2022 election nears and as lawmakers prepare for the 2023 legislative session. Here are a few we are watching. 

The Great Salt Lake is a world famous natural feature, which explains the national and international media attention on its current decline. Also, state officials are budgeting hundreds of millions of dollars to increase water levels in the lake. Sen. Mitt Romney and our congressional delegation are seeking federal funding. Is all this money well spent? Can the state really do anything to mitigate the impact of drought and climate change on the lake? 

Pignanelli: “That which lies nearest is best.” — Alfred Lambourne, Our Inland Sea, 1887  

My fellow native Utahns and I possess a fierce pride in the state’s many renown diverse natural treasures. Thus, to discover the most recognizable feature — the Great Salt Lake — is in jeopardy shakes us to the core.

This remnant from ancient Lake Bonneville is critical to our modern lifestyle. Thankfully state officials, with Speaker Brad Wilson at the helm, are undertaking measures to prevent a potential catastrophe. Contemporaneously, they are instructing Utahns that future economic growth depends upon actions reflecting this is the second most arid state and adjusting water consumption accordingly.


What Sen. Mitt Romney, House Speaker Brad Wilson saw on the Great Salt Lake

  Dear Abby: I get so anxious when he uses my bathroom. Should I say something?

Further, obliteration of the lake will be a calamity for the western United States. So federal funds to prevent this natural disaster are appropriate expenditures.

Although difficulties abound, we will overcome this challenge. Wilson and other leaders deserve commendations for illustrating our wonderful lake is more than just a big blue blob on the map.

Webb: The leadership and enthusiasm of top Utah politicians to save the Great Salt Lake is welcome and long overdue. We have this gigantic salty lake with unique characteristics at our doorstep. When was the last time you went to the lake to swim, picnic, camp or hike? It …read more

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