5 early-season stats that prove how much better the Bills are than everyone else

The 2022 NFL season is so, so young, but that doesn’t mean we can’t telegraph who the clear heavyweights are. There are a few obvious contenders through two weeks (as Christian D’Andrea and I ran through in our latest power rankings) but let’s be honest — none of them compare to the Bills.

In Buffalo’s first two games of the season, they blew out the defending Super Bowl Champion Rams, then followed that performance up by humiliating Derrick Henry and last year’s No. 1 seed in the AFC in the Titans. And using “blow out” might be an understatement. I would say Buffalo more outclassed L.A. and Tennessee.

But there’s more than meets the eye to the Bills’ dominant start to their 2022 scorched earth Super Bowl campaign. Let me circle the wagons on these Buffalo Bills and illustrate how far ahead of the pack they are through eight quarters of football.

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