7 essential tips for organizing your hair and makeup supplies, according to the pros

It’s possible that you’ve barely left the house over the past year, but now, after months of scrolling through Instagram makeup and hair accounts, you find yourself inspired to try a fresh look to go with your new vaccinations.

The problem? You can’t find where you stowed your mascara or haircare products during lockdown.

So, it’s time to get organized. To break it down, we talked to four makeup and hair professionals on how they keep their gear accessible and in good shape. 1. If possible, keep your makeup in plain sight. “Oftentimes, people will tell me, I have all this makeup, but I never get a chance to use it,” says Tom Perez, a freelance makeup artist from Whittier. It’s easy to see why: When all your makeup is thrown into a case, it’s more difficult to assess what you have on hand. You might not try the new products you bought on impulse or realize when you’re running out of an old favorite. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s a huge time suck. Your morning routine will be smoother if you don’t have to dig through a pile of old mascaras to get to find your lipgloss.

We asked hair, makeup and beauty professionals how to get all your products in order. (Getty Images)

We asked hair, makeup and beauty professionals how to get all your products in order. (Getty Images)

We asked hair, makeup and beauty professionals how to get all your products in order. (Getty Images)

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If you’re lacking space to display your makeup, Perez suggests maintaining separate kits for your various needs. Your main kit should include only day-to-day items. You can use another kit for makeup you wear less often.

Another tip: Use a label maker. “I label everything,” says Perez. “I got my P-touch and I labeled each, loose, individual eyeshadow. I don’t have to look around or open up everything to find what I need.”  2. Devise a system that works for you.Laarnie Barcelon, a stylist and makeup artist from Long Beach, recommends basket organizers, which you can find at discount stores like Daiso and Miniso. Because these don’t have a top, you can easily see what’s in them. She designates organizers for specific types of products, like eye shadow palettes, which she arranges in color story range.  “Some people, they work best when it’s kind of chaotic, but there needs to also be a degree of organization on top of that,” she says. The key is that your makeup is arranged in a pattern you understand and can easily follow, even if it’s 6 a.m. and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. Barcelon also has a system for skincare products, which she keeps on a tray near her bathroom sink. She arranges the items in order of when she uses them. “That also helps me visually understand what I might need to restock in the future,” she says. “It’s also easier to remember …read more

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