A look at the WNBA’s brand new uniforms for its 25th anniversary

Things are already in motion for the WNBA. The draft is in a couple of weeks and, before you know it, WNBA basketball will be back in action.

This season is going to be a big one, too. It’s the W’s 25th anniversary season. The league has been around for 25 years since being founded in 1996. And they kicked the celebration of that anniversary off on Thursday.

The W and Nike partnered together to make all new uniforms for each and every one of the league’s teams in what Nike is calling the WNBA’s “most comprehensive apparel system ever.”

The uniforms feature a new improved female-fit based on insight from the league’s athletes and come in three new editions: Explorer, Rebel and Heroine edition uniforms.

The Explorer uniforms are in alternate and classic looks, the Rebel uniforms have some significant meaning intertwined and the Heroine uniforms are in white.

On Thursday they gave us a quick peek at the new Explorer and Heroine edition joints and man they were incredible. Here’s a look at each one for every team.

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