A very confusing reported draft trade involving the Knicks and Pistons threw NBA fans for a loop

With fast-moving information in the form of constant picks and trades, the NBA Draft is usually a confusing wave of chaos. On Thursday night, amidst commercialized jingles and every selection, all the madness probably couldn’t compare to whatever it was the Knicks and Pistons were up to.

Let us explain.

You see, the Charlotte Hornets selected Memphis big man Jalen Duren at No. 13 overall. Solid, right?

That is until dueling reports seemed to indicate that Duren was on the move. But was it to the Knicks? The Pistons?

These back and forth reports went on for a while, and NBA Twitter didn’t seem to know which information they could trust.

Hearing the Pistons are working on a deal to get Jalen Duren, who was just picked by Charlotte. Sounds close.

— James Edwards III (@JLEdwardsIII) June 24, 2022

To be honest, I don’t know where Duren is going. But this sounds like a three-team trade with Detroit and New York and Charlotte.

— Jake Fischer (@JakeLFischer) June 24, 2022

Of course, all of this confusion ended up being much ado about nothing — at least, on the Knicks’ side.

The Pistons wound up getting both the promising Jaden Ivey and Duren, while the Knicks … got picks and a salary dump of Kemba Walker. There was some talk New York was trying to trade for Ivey, but that fell apart.

So to break it all down… per sources: The pistons receive Jalen Duren (and Keep Ivey) and Kemba Walker from Knicks.

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They send out the 2025 first from Milwaukee, via portland, in Grant deal.

— James Edwards III (@JLEdwardsIII) June 24, 2022

Even still, with so much going on at once, the makings of this Pistons-Knicks deal proved overwhelming to track for NBA Twitter.

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