Aleksandr Samedov: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Aleksandr Samedov, Russian’s veteran winger, has called for ‘positive vibes’ from fans during the 2018 World Cup. Speaking to the media ahead of the tournament, Samedov told the media, “[Saudi Arabia] are a skillful team, who love to play [soccer]. Our goal is to deprive them of the ball… Artem [Dzyuba] has found the right words, he was speaking on behalf of the team. We want our team to be surrounded with more positive vibes. But it’s us who need to create this positivity, and that’s where we’ll try to do.”

In a separate interview with, Samedov continued, “No matter what, we have to get out of the group. We must win our first game, then our second and not leave everything till the last minute. I’ve been at three major tournaments before and every time it’s always gone down to the third match for us. No we have to do everything so it doesn’t come to this… We’re not sitting around worrying what will happen if it doesn’t work out for us. We know what we want and where we’re heading.”

Samedov, who plays in Russia with Spartak Moscow, has played 48 times for his homeland and scored seven goals.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Samedov Says That After His Wife, Yulia, Got Him to Convert To Christianity ‘Found’ Himself Again


Samedov said in a 2012 interview with Panorama that his wife, Yulia, convinced him to convert to Christianity during a period where he battled depression. Samedov told the website, “Several years ago I had professional problems in soccer. I started to feel depressed, and my wife advised me to go to church. I took Christianity and found myself again.”

During the same interview, Samedov said that he had been approached by Azerbaijan to play for their national team thanks to his father having been born there. Samedov said, “In 2003 I started play for Spartak and attracted attention. Then I visited Baku for the first time in the my life, and after my return I consulted my father about the offer to move to the national team of Azerbaijan. For this, I had to renounce Russian citizenship. I was convinced that this would be an additional obstacle in my soccer career, and I refused this idea. I’m not an enemy to myself.”

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2. Samedov Says He Never Read Books in School; He Now Reads the Bible Regularly


In a March 2014 interview, translated via Sports Spectrum, Samedov said that he never read books while in high school and was much more focused on soccer rather than academics. Since becoming a Christian, the winger says he reads the Bible regularly. Samedov said, “I don’t look at reading the Bible like reading other books, because the Bible is something spiritual; it’s about faith. The Bible teaches us. It provides direction for our lives.” During the same interview, …read more


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