Alex Christopher Ewing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Alex Christoper Ewing now stands accused of being a notorious killer who murdered a family with a hammer in Aurora, Colorado in the 1980s.

Authorities used DNA to crack the case. The hammer murders were among a series of violent incidents that included the death of a grandmother and the attack on a Nevada couple, in that case with an ax handle.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Alex Ewing Is Accused of Using a Hammer To Kill the Family

JUST IN: Nevada prisoner charged in 1984 hammer killings in Aurora & Lakewood:

— Noelle Phillips (@Noelle_Phillips) August 10, 2018

The terrifying murders occurred over a few day period in the 1980s when Ewing is accused of using a hammer to bludgeon a family to death, including a young child.

The Denver Post broke the news that authorities accuse Alex Christopher Ewing of perpetrating the crimes. The killer murdered two parents – Bruce and Debra Bennett – and their 7-year-old, Melissa, and left their other child severely injured. The other victim murdered in the terrifying crime spree was Patricia Louise Smith, 50, a grandmother.

The Denver Post was the first to identify Alex Christopher Ewing as the suspect now accused in the attack, which unfolded in 1984.

2. Ewing Is Already in Prison for Other Violent Crimes

The man authorities now say was the killer was already in prison serving a prison sentence for violent crimes.

He is already incarcerated for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Alex Christopher Ewing was serving time in a Nevada prison, police said.

Ewing, 57, was serving a 40-year prison sentence for those crimes, according to The Denver Post.

3. Police Said They’d Never Forgotten the Colorado Victims’ Families

Despite the longevity of the cases, police said they’d never given up on solving them. “We’ve never forgotten this case. We’ve never forgotten these families,” said Lakewood police chief Daniel McCasky to The Denver Post. “Hopefully, this begins a sense of healing, a sense of peace and sense of justice.”

4. Ewing Is Accused of Beating Another Couple With an Ax Handle

The violence continued with the ax handling bludgeoning of a Nevada couple, although they survived. That attack occurred in 1985 in Henderson, Nevada.

He’s been held at Northern Nevada Correctional Center in Carson City, Nevada in connected with that attack. That attack, for which he was serving the prison sentence, came after Ewing escaped from a van transporting inmates; he was incarcerated already for beating another man over the head with a rock, according to The Review Journal.

5. Ewing Described Himself as Loving Camping & Traveling on an Inmate Dating Site

According to The Las Vegas Review Journal, Alex Christopher Ewing appears on an inmate dating site in which he describes himself as the “adventurous outdoor type” who enjoys “camping, traveling, exercising, animals, old movies, old cars.”

He further wrote, according to the newspaper: “I’m looking to meet a woman in her 50’s for the purpose of becoming a pen-pal friend,” Ewing wrote on the site. “I’ll like a …read more


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