Anthony Edwards’ monstrous dunk was so good it made D’Angelo Russell bring back his classic ‘He didn’t even stretch’ reaction


In the two years that he’s been playing NBA basketball, Anthony Edwards has easily given us two of the greatest dunks we’ve ever seen.

There’s the one from last season on Yuta Watanabe and the Toronto Raptors that absolutely broke the internet and then the one he ended Gabe Vincent with on Wednesday.

And the one on Wednesday was absolutely monstrous. I don’t care that it didn’t count. It’s one of the best displays of athleticism you’ll ever see on a court.

You know who knows that? D’Angelo Russell.

Edwards’ teammate was completely in awe of what he’d just done after watching it in real-time. His reaction says it all. Partly because of how incredible it was, but also partly because why in the world would the officials call this a charge?

It’s pretty perfect.

D’Angelo Russell did the “he didn’t even stretch doe” reaction.

(Via @bennnyboom)

— (@Ballislife) November 25, 2021

It completely matches Russell’s reaction to a dunk Blake Griffin did at a basketball camp he attended years ago. Y’all know the one. “He didn’t even stretch, though.”

“He didn’t even stretch though!” D’Angelo couldn’t believe what Blake did. USAB starts today

— SLAM (@SLAMonline) July 25, 2018

Here the two are side by side. Just hilarious.

— (@Ballislife) November 25, 2021

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Yeah, I’m sorry. But I’m going to need the NBA to retroactively award Anthony Edwards two points for this. Because there’s no way this should’ve been an offensive foul. It’s that good.

Hopefully, the next dunk from Edwards is even more ferocious.

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