Ask Amy: I think my friend got herself in another big catfishing mess

Dear Amy: I’ve known “Stacy” for 10 years. Not too long ago, she had to move to another city because she was catfishing several people and it turned into a huge mess.

Recently she has been behaving in ways that are out of character.

I have noticed that every time she and I go somewhere together, a guy who is not her husband always comes along.

She and I have identical covers on our phones, and recently when she and I were together, I accidentally picked up her phone and saw a very explicit message from this other guy on her phone. I put it down and walked away.

I think she is catfishing people again.

What should I do? Should I say something to her, or keep this to myself?

Very Confused in Missouri

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Dear Very Confused: You mention that your friend is behaving in a way that is out of character, but your description of her current behavior actually seems to be consistent with her character.

To clarify, “catfishing” is the practice of someone pretending to be someone else online, in order to “fish for” — and catch — unsuspecting people who are most often looking for a romantic relationship.

The catfish is basically a predator who victimizes people, sometimes scamming money from them, and almost always creating an entirely false romance with them. This is emotional as well as financial larceny.

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Catfishing can become something of an addiction for perpetrators, who may get a rush from the power of these entanglements, in addition to financial gain.

Stacy is always showing up with a man who is not her husband. You saw an explicit text message on her phone that you find disturbing. She has a history of being a catfish.

Yes, you should ask her what she is up to. Prepare yourself for her answer.

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