Ask Amy: I was a careless teen, and his concern brought tears to my eyes

Dear Amy: “Teacher in a Quandary” reached out regarding a rare collection of objects that were left behind by one of her students.

Amy Dickinson 

I graduated from high school in 1998. While I was learning about World War II in my 11th-grade U.S. history class, my grandfather, a veteran of that war, gave me several priceless items from his time serving our country.

I chose to bring these items into school to share with my teacher and classmates, and, sadly, I failed to bring them home. For many years my family asked about those items, and I carried a lot of guilt with me for my lack of responsibility with such an important part of history and my grandfather’s story.

A few years ago, the high school that I attended began a major renovation, which caused many teachers to move from classrooms that they had taught in for decades.

One evening, I was waiting in a hallway outside my young daughter’s classroom, and my U.S. history teacher passed by.

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I asked him about the long-lost items, and he told me to wait a few minutes.

Upon his return he carried with him all of the items that I had left in his classroom almost 20 years before! He had kept them for many years, waiting for me to come back to claim them.

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When he cleaned his classroom out for the move, he found them in the back of a closet and kept them, hoping that someday they would make it back to my family.

My eyes fill with tears as I write this, years later, and I can never thank him enough for keeping them safe.

I encourage “Teacher” to do everything she can to locate the student or a family member who rightfully owns these items.

Lesson Learned

Dear Lesson Learned: I’m delighted to publish your reunification story, in hopes that it will inspire “Teacher in a Quandary” to make greater efforts to connect these heirlooms with their owners.

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