Creepiest places in Florida guaranteed to haunt your dreams

Full disclosure: Some of the stories below are not for the faint of heart.

Without further ado, here are the 20 creepiest places you can find in Florida.

(We’ll start by providing a map, so you can get a rough idea of where each location can be found in the state, and then you can read about why each spot is supposedly so haunted or creepy). Be sure to weigh in at the bottom and tell us which site you’d most like to visit.

Feeling brave? These are the most haunted places in St. Augustine

1.) Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine)

If we’re talking haunted or creepy destinations in Florida, of course, St. Augustine is going to top most lists.

Let’s talk about Castillo de San Marcos, a former military fortress that’s infamous for some of its battles. Some say the spirits of Spanish soldiers still defend the 17th century fort. Others say a light shines from a fixture in one of the watchtowers that has no electricity running to it. The spooky accounts also include one Spanish soldier in particular who stands at the edge of the fort, looking out to sea just when the sun is about to rise or set. And then there’s the dungeon, where many people have reported the feeling of cold hands touching them. Others say they just felt cold in general while walking through, according to a website called Visitors to the fort say they’ve shot videos and photos of glowing orbs, misty shapes and even some shapes resembling bodies. Enthusiasts of the paranormal and supernatural definitely flock to Castillo de San Marcos for a number of reasons — all of which will make your skin crawl.

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2.) Flagler College (St. Augustine)

Phew — there’s a lot going on at Flagler College (if you believe in this sort of thing, of course).

For starters, Ponce de Leon Hall is supposedly home to three spirits: Henry Flagler; Flagler’s second wife, Ida Alicia; and Flagler’s mistress, who is only described as “a woman in black.” And for reference, the original Ponce de Leon Hotel, known now as Ponce de Leon Hall, is the centerpiece of Flagler College. Here’s what says, in a nutshell: Henry Flagler loved his hotel. He died in January 1913 in Palm Beach after falling inside his home. Flagler’s body was laid in state at the hotel’s rotunda. When it came time for him to be carried out, all the doors slammed shut. Although his body was buried at a nearby mausoleum, many believe Flagler’s spirit remained at Ponce de Leon. Another version of …read more

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