Dear Abby: She lifted my husband’s kilt, and he got in trouble

DEAR ABBY: I married a proud Scotsman a year ago who often wears kilts.

Jeanne Phillips 

When we go out, women think nothing of coming over and lifting his kilt, which exposes him to anyone who has a visual advantage. These women scream with glee and then become physically aggressive with their hands.

Frankly, I am shocked and horrified anyone would do this.

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The last time it happened a woman ripped his kilt off and the police became involved. Originally, the police were going to charge my husband with indecent exposure. After several hours, it became clear that it was the woman who assaulted my husband. The police then kinda laughed it off. They didn’t plan on doing anything further. We were furious.

Why is there a double standard that women feel they can lift a man’s kilt to expose him and call it fun, yet the same women would scream sexual assault if a man lifted their skirt? Women need to understand that lifting a man’s kilt is sexual assault and should be treated as the crime it is.

Now, every time a woman does it, we immediately call the police and report the crime. The perpetrators are then shocked and angry that they are being arrested for a sex crime for something they thought was innocent fun and games.

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Your column reaches many readers. With your help, we can help women understand that doing this is unacceptable.


DEAR DOUBLE: It is no more acceptable to lift a man’s kilt “in the name of fun” than it would be to pull his trousers down. I hope any person reading this, who didn’t have the common sense to know better, will take note and respect the personal space of Scotsmen and ALL individuals. (It beats finding one’s name on a sex offender registry.)

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