Do health apps protect your sensitive info?

Following an announcement Wednesday that the Florida Trade Commission reached a settlement with the makers of the ovulation app Flo after it shared users’ personal information with marketing companies like Google and Facebook, the agency is warning you to do your homework on any health app you plan to use.

Unlike your doctor, the FTC says apps may not be covered by health privacy laws like HIPPA.

So you should compare privacy protections between apps that offer similar services looking for notices in simple terms that explains how it will use personal info you provide

Also, check the app’s settings to see if it gives you control over what health information it collects and shares. An app’s default setting often encourages sharing.

The FTC encourages users to weigh the risks and ask yourself if the app’s services are worth the risk of someone getting your information?

And report an app to the FTC that isn’t upholding its privacy promises. The FTC says that’s what happened with the Flo app. It shared personal info, even though the app promised users it would keep sensitive information private.

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