Dog blamed for biting neighbors, mauling cat in Jacksonville neighborhood

Residents of a Jacksonville neighborhood tell News4Jax they’re fearful of walking outside their homes following dog attacks that appear to involve the same dog.

The residents have asked not to be identified in fear of retaliation from the dog’s owner. They said he recently moved to Jacksonville from out of state.

The first man told News4Jax that he and his daughter were in their house on Hidden Lakes Drive when a large white dog that resembled a wolf showed up on the patio.

“I came outside to see if it was OK. We’ve had some stray animals come by before, and I normally check on them and see who they belong to,” the man said.

He said the dog walked up to him and everything was fine until he turned around to check on his daughter who was standing feet away.

“Next thing I know it came up and latched onto my stomach. So I started to yell. I was moving around and was able to get away from it,” he explained.

Moments later, another neighbor said, the same dog injured a woman in her front yard before attacking the woman’s husband, who was running to her aid.

“I saw the dog had a collar, so I slowly reached out my arm as the dog was staring at me,” the other neighbor said. “He reached out and bit my stomach then bit my arm.”

The couple, the neighbor said, began screaming and the dog ran away. The woman who was attacked still has bite marks under her bandages. Her husband still has visible bite wounds on his stomach.

A dog matching that same description later showed up at a front yard on Compass Rose Drive where 7-year old Zeke, a cat, was sitting. Zeke’s owner says the dog mauled her cat as two men, and herself, were trying to get the dog off the cat.

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“He did free my cat. Sent him over to me and I grabbed my cat and took immediately him to the ER where he died on arrival,” the cat’s owner said.

Zeke’s owner said she later went to the hospital after realizing her hand was injured while trying to free her cat.

That same night, a neighbor’s security camera recorded video of a dog matching the same description along with a man running across a driveway close to where Zeke was attacked. It’s unclear if the man in the video is the owner of the dog.

News4Jax has learned the dog and its owner live in a home close to where the attacks happened. We tried speaking to the owner on Tuesday but he was not home.

News4Jax is not identifying the owner because he has not been charged with a crime. The three neighbors said it’s unclear if the dog was up to date on its rabies vaccinations.

As of Tuesday, the dog was allowed to remain at its home as investigators work to determine if the same dog is involved in the reported incidents. If proven, the owner could face criminal charges.

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