Even Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers would think Fox’s quarterback graphic is a bit much


The late-afternoon slate of Week 6’s NFL games featured a matchup between two of the best quarterbacks to play the game: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

So, if you were watching one of the early games on Fox, you probably noticed the broadcast promote “America’s Game of the Week” between the Packers and Buccaneers. And Fox used an absolutely bonkers illustration to do so.

Starting with last season’s Super Bowl, Fox revamped its graphics package to include a bunch of superhero-themed illustrations instead of photos of specific players. And it’s not even mean to say that not one of the illustrations has resembled the intended player at all.

I mean, come on…

Ummm did Rodgers and Brady take steroids before this game?

This graphic pic.twitter.com/l5x5YVQAao

— Paige Dimakos (@The_SportsPaige) October 18, 2020

The Brady-Rodgers graphic used on Sunday seemingly gave both quarterbacks an extra 40 pounds of muscle and took off about 15 years. Brady’s arms had him ready to throw a football 200 yards on the fly. Rodgers was flexing like D.K. Metcalf.

Also, how are they wearing shoulder pads while also having pectoral muscles showing through the jersey? It can’t be both. Even Brady and Rodgers would laugh at that graphic.

On another note, though, credit to the Fox crew for including a children stat for Philip Rivers.

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FOX really snuck in the number of Philip Rivers children in this graphic and thought no one would notice pic.twitter.com/VBy8U1FubM

— The Sports Mecca (@TheSportsMecca) October 18, 2020

We needed that.

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