FDOT took 5 phone calls before crackdown on Pride Month display

A parade of colors could once again be seen shining along the surface of the St. Johns River on Wednesday night, a reflection of a rainbow light display along Jacksonville’s Acosta Bridge.

But the colorful spectacle celebrating the LGBTQ+ community was only restored after 24 hours of backlash and questions surrounding the Florida Department of Transportation’s handling of the Pride Month tribute.

The bridge was scheduled to be lit with those colors all week. Instead, its traditional blue color scheme resumed Tuesday night in response to an order from FDOT, citing “several complaints” and a permitting issue.

On Thursday, FDOT disclosed it handed down that directive after taking five phone complaints about the display. The content of the phone complaints is unclear and, according to FDOT, there are no records of who placed those calls.

“Upon receiving the initial complaints, as per process, the Jacksonville Urban Office notified managers who escalated the issue to district leadership because of a violation of the permit. Upon confirmation, district leadership did make the determination to enforce the permit at the time,” an FDOT spokesperson told the I-TEAM.

Despite receiving more complaints via phone and email since Wednesday, the spokesperson said the rainbow light display will remain.

“The department has since authorized the use of the color scheme because it is obviously a matter of broad community interest. The department will continue to follow the existing bridge lighting policy and, in addition to he referenced approved holidays within the policy, it will review requests that include items such as resolutions and/or proclamations, which may articulate broad community interest.”

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority holds a permit from FDOT that allows for nine specific color schemes to be used with the display throughout the year, depending on the occasion. For instance, the bridge is typically lit in red, white and blue on Independence Day. Other permitted schemes detailed in the permit include teal for the Jaguars and pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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But on occasion the bridge has shone with other color schemes, ones not specified in the permit. That was the case April 29 when orange and purple took over the display after it was announced that Clemson University quarterback would be joining the Jacksonville Jaguars. The same was true when the bridge was lit with an unpermitted color scheme for Autism Awareness Month.

As News4Jax reported Wednesday, FDOT told the I-TEAM that it “has not received requests regarding variances to the lighting colors or sequences on the Acosta Bridge,” meaning no one sought permission for previous deviations from the permit. The Pride Month display marks the first time FDOT has told JTA that the bridge’s colors were out of bounds.

Nat Ford, JTA’s executive director, has declined to speak on camera about the inconsistent enforcement of the permit. News4Jax asked Mayor Lenny Curry’s Office for comment on the issue, but his staff referred reporters to FDOT and JTA instead.

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