Four more St. Louis Cardinals members have reportedly tested positive for Coronavirus

With each and every day that goes by, it’s getting harder and harder to think about a scenario where Major League Baseball’s season doesn’t come to a stop — temporarily, at the very least.

The Marlins, Phillies and Cardinals have all had members of their team or staff test positive for Coronavirus. And things just keep getting worse.

On Friday, an 18th Marlins player tested positive for the virus. On Saturday, Isan Diaz became the first Marlins player to opt out for the season because of the team’s outbreak.

The turn for the worst didn’t stop there, though. Shortly after that, news broke that three staff members and one player from the Cardinals tested positive for Coronavirus bringing the number of players with the virus to three, according to a report from The Athletic’s Mark Saxon.

Of the four new positives on the #Cardinals that I can confirm, three are staff. One is a player.

— Mark Saxon (@markasaxon) August 1, 2020

In other words, three #Cardinals players now have tested positive since Tuesday.

— Mark Saxon (@markasaxon) August 1, 2020

The Cardinal’s game on Saturday against the Brewers was postponed shortly after.

Brewers-Cardinals game postponed

— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) August 1, 2020

As time continues to go by this thing is getting more and more out of control. Baseball hasn’t been able to contain the virus at all and it’s hard to pinpoint, at this point, where it spread.

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For the sake and health of everyone who’s involved, hopefully they can properly trace the virus and prevent it from spreading any further.

If they can’t, baseball season will be in some real trouble.

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