Here’s what Utah politicians really are thankful for this year

The Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City.

The Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City is pictured on Friday, March 5, 2021, the final day of the Utah Legislature’s 2021 general session. Lawmakers tackled many controversial issues in a special session last week. | Annie Barker, Deseret News

We are especially grateful that Utah’s politicians can’t help but be interesting creatures who generate ample news and controversy to keep us busy every week

Pignanelli & Webb: Our politicians have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend (especially the patience of citizens). Using drones with cameras and listening devices that also scour social media (perfected by Evan McMullin when he was in the CIA), we were able to upload secret intelligence regarding the expressions of gratitude by political and community leaders.

Utah legislators: They express gratitude that there were many controversial issues in the recent special session, like mandatory workforce vaccinations, changing a university name and others, so the redistricting issue was partially smothered.

Gov. Spencer Cox: He expresses appreciation for the hard work and dedication of legislators in the recent special session. He is especially grateful for their efficient deliberations so that they could adjourn in time for him to conduct his fundraising gala without breaking any contribution laws.

Left-wing and right-wing activists: They are grateful for the many opportunities the Legislature gave them throughout the year to participate in hearings and discussions on numerous issues. They enjoyed the platform to complain about how the Legislature is not including them in anything. They are also thankful being disingenuous is not against the law.

Reps. Blake Moore, Chris Stewart, John Curtis and Burgess Owens: They compliment the Legislature for its careful, thoughtful and fair deliberations in crafting new boundaries while balancing the many competing interests. In other words, … THANK YOU for those BEAUTIFUL, SWEET districts!

Moderate Democrats: They certainly appreciate the recent election results in Virginia and New Jersey that clearly demonstrate that extreme left-leaning and progressive objectives are unpopular and mainstream approaches are needed for them to succeed in 2022.

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Moderate Republicans: They certainly appreciate the recent election results in Virginia and New Jersey that demonstrate that extreme right-leaning objectives and kowtowing to former President Donald Trump are not popular, and mainstream approaches are needed for them to succeed in 2022.

Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson: As Utah’s election czar, she is so grateful that the recent municipal elections went off without a hitch, including ranked choice voting. She certainly did not need any more unfounded allegations of election fraud.

Utah politicians: They are glad that Utah, BYU and Utah State all have winning football records. It makes their constituents happy. And when they’re happy, they like politicians.

Attorney General Sean Reyes: He appreciates the big technology companies and the Biden administration. They make such good targets for multistate lawsuits and wonderful publicity.

Senate President Stuart Adams and House Speaker Brad Wilson: They are grateful that the only people who get upset about redistricting are liberal activist groups, Democrats and the news media. But they are usually unhappy with legislative leaders, anyway. They’re also …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Utah News

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