Holy Fire Map: Track Location of Orange County Fire & Evacuation Details [August 10]


The Holy Fire in California just started Monday afternoon and exploded to 4,000 acres in size on August 7. Now, as of Friday, August 10, growth has exploded once again and the fire is now 18,137 acres in size. Evacuations have been ordered for this fire and officials are working to keep it under control, but it keeps growing. Read on to see maps on the fire’s location and details about evacuations.

Where Is the Holy Fire? Interactive Maps to Help You Track the Fire’s Location on August 10

This interactive map of the Holy Fire, which you can view below or here, can help you stay updated on the fire’s location. This map also lists evacuation locations.

The fire is in Orange County, off Holy Jim Canyon Road, west of the North Main Divide. The fire started Monday afternoon and quickly grew to more than 100 acres, The OCR reported, and by Wednesday it was at 4,129 acres with 5 percent containment. Now the containment level is the same, but the fire has more than doubled. On Thursday night it grew to 10,236 acres in size. As of Friday morning, according to CNN, it’s now 18,137 acres in size and still just 5 percent contained.

#HolyFire morning update: 18,137 acres and 5% contained. For those wondering about containment, the hand/containment line grows as the fire grows. We continue to actively engage, but cannot get ahead of the fire. pic.twitter.com/We1OJuJIbB

— Cleveland NF (@ClevelandNF) August 10, 2018

It’s good to view several interactive maps, just in case one map isn’t kept updated. This map, for example, is from CAL FIRE. You may need to zoom in to see the Holy Fire:

The California Governor’s office has another active fire map. You can zoom in to the Holy Fire. Sometimes this map requires a login, however. If it doesn’t work, just move on to the next interactive map and this one might work later.

Below is another active fire map from Google’s Crisis Map. Zoom in to see the Holy Fire details and click on the Holy Fire icon itself to see details about the fire.

You can also click on the interactive map in the tweet below to see helpful details:

8/10 Friday#HolyFire. Latest perimeter from infrared flight late yesterday with help from @pjdohertygis. Map also always shows latest satellite hotspots. See “Legend” and “Map tips” links in upper left corner. Open online map: https://t.co/bUkdfmYsek #GeoSpatial pic.twitter.com/eU9JfoQtsg

— Joseph Elfelt (@MappingSupport) August 10, 2018

The fire is in Orange County, off Holy Jim Canyon Road, west of the North Main Divide. The cause is under investigation, but authorities have arrested Forrest Gordon Clark on suspicion of felony arson. Read more about Clark in Heavy’s story here.

Next up is a 3D map showing the approximate location of the fire.

Firefighters battle #HolyFire as it approaches structures. The fire …read more

Source:: Heavy.com

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