J.J. Watt’s cryptic tweet about biology has NFL fans decoding it for free agency clues


J.J. Watt took a page out of the Deshaun Watson cryptic Twitter book, it seems.

NFL fans are waiting on the edge of their seats waiting for the ex-Houston Texan to announce where he’s headed next, and they’re bugging him about it, trying to read into anything and everything to figure out if there are clues about his future home, including looking back at an episode of New Girl (seriously).

On Tuesday, Watt dropped a cryptic tweet about mitochondria, which help power cells. And in the middle of free agency, it felt to everyone like Watt was just playing with everyone … or could it be a clue?!

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

— JJ Watt (@JJWatt) February 23, 2021

NFL fans started digging and came up with some theories as to what this thing meant. Could he be referring to the Browns?

Powerhouse = Huey Lewis and the News reference = heart of rock ‘n roll = Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame = @JJWatt IS COMING TO CLEVELAND!

— katy (@katylanders) February 23, 2021

Mitochondria generates energy in a cell, the Cleveland #Browns play in First ENERGY stadium… coincidence… I think not!

— ParkerSCenter D4L (JJ to CLE plz) (@MrVanillaman9) February 23, 2021

Power house…..


JJ Watt to Cleveland confirmed. https://t.co/iMm27uNgNS

— Nick Karns (@karnsies817) February 23, 2021

What about the Bills, since the Mitochondria Research Center is located in Buffalo?

Mitochondria Research Center located in Buffalo!!!! JJ to the Bills!!!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/H4u8x7b6d9

— 100% Unbiased Bills Fan (@ZeroBiasBills) February 23, 2021

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Um, maybe the Bears?

JJ Watt to @ChicagoBears confirmed https://t.co/TVIwMWZGkZ pic.twitter.com/JSaJQjZ3NE

— Ken Bling (@PhoenixWarbird) February 23, 2021

can’t spell Mitochondria without MITCH #BEARDOWN https://t.co/FbMelV487p

— Jewbacca (@ChiTownSpurs) February 23, 2021

Could it have something to do with DNA, which he shares with his brothers T.J. and Derek? Who also play for the Steelers? I seem to recall there being something called Mitochondrial DNA.

Anyway, this is where we’re at in Watt free agency. Fun, isn’t it?

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