Jesus Aguilar swiped a mysterious object out of Dom Smith’s back pocket at first base


Yes, you read that correctly. This is a thing that happened. No idea why it happened, but it definitely looks like it happened.

Marlins first baseman Jesus Aguilar looked like he slyly swiped something out of Dom Smith’s back pocket on Thursday when the Marlins were matched up with the Mets.

It looked like he took some sort of card from out of Smith’s back pocket. We have no idea what is on the card or what it’s even there for. All we know is that it appears that, uh, well, it’s Aguilar’s now.

This is absolutely hilarious. Look at how smoothly he comes by and pulls the card out.

Did… Jesus Aguilar just pickpocket Dom Smith??

— The Baseball Newsletter (@bbletter) April 8, 2021

Smith doesn’t even notice! Aguilar could be the next Bond or something with smooth moves like that.

People had so many jokes including puns about…getting caught stealing.

You could say…
He got caught stealing

— QuavoJuancho (@JuanShip98) April 8, 2021

— TheRealKJB (@the_kjb) April 8, 2021

— Kevin Michelson (@KevinMichelson1) April 8, 2021

Hopefully, it’s not anything important like a scouting report or anything. Though, I’m very uncertain of why anyone would carry a scouting report around on the field, anyway.

Hopefully, someone asks Aguilar about the incident and we get some sort of clarity.

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