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Cutting meat production
will help climate crisis

The article on water restrictions (“Drought forces water limits to be mandated,” Page A1, June 8) refers to the lack of water in California as a “drought,” yet on Page 3 it’s reported that carbon dioxide levels are 50% higher than before the industrial age (“Carbon dioxide levels hit 50% higher than preindustrial time”). I’ve lived in California for nearly six decades, and what is happening now is not normal and not a drought – it’s the climate crisis coming home to roost. This is the new normal, and the science is saying it will intensify.

The most effective action people can take to conserve water is to stop eating meat since it’s well-documented that meat production requires much more water than vegetables, grains or beans. We must change our behaviors to save the planet.

Michelle Waters
Los Gatos

Totem pole is more
than stunning art

The importance of this amazing work of art (“Totem pole’s inspiring journey to D.C. includes Bay Area stops,” Page B6, June 6) cannot be overlooked — it raises not only cultural awareness through celebrating indigenous heritage and speaking out about social justice issues, but also awareness surrounding the preservation of sacred land, and the severe struggles indigenous people face in regards to land loss due to human destruction and climate change.

The totem pole’s recent stop in the Bay Area is significant, especially in light of the Santa Clara Valley Water District declaring a water shortage emergency in Santa Clara County this week (“Water restrictions OK’s for Santa Clara County,” Page A1, June 10). This totem pole journey reminds us that it is our collective responsibility to protect our lands, water and wildlife.

With the pandemic, I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to enjoy stunning art that serves a purpose more profound than just artistic pleasure.

  Mass vaccinations at Levi’s Stadium to end next week

Ashley Hung
Palo Alto

Early recall has added
benefit for Newsom

In a recent article The Mercury News detailed reasons why an August recall vote would be an advantage to Gov Newsom (“Recall vote in August possible,” Page A1, June 7) – few wildfires, no time for additional visits to the French Laundry, not enough time for another Democrat to jump into the race.

They missed the biggest and best reason. The August date would be before the scheduled start of the fall public school semester, and the recall effort would play no part in the reopening of schools (except empty promises).

If the vote takes place after the scheduled return to school and the schools are not open, Newsom will be defeated and his successor will open the public schools immediately.

John Wells
Redwood City

Manchin’s stance fails
Democrats, democracy

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is not a democrat or a Democrat.

He claims voting rights should be above politics while there is an ongoing Republican Party assault on the right to vote that he sustains.

He does not support majority rule or equality before the law. A filibuster defies …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Latest News

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