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Say no to wasting
money and to recall

Whether or not you would like Gov. Gavin Newsom to complete his term, voting “no” on the recall will send the message that spending $400 million to administer a vote that can only shorten a governor’s term by one year is an incredible waste of taxpayer money and should not be repeated.

Four hundred million dollars could fund SB 234, Transitional Youth Housing for the homeless age 18-21, four times over. It could provide food for those in need and increase education in our prisons to reduce recidivism. It could replace all costly college textbooks with free or low-cost ones. Which is more worthwhile?

We have an election every four years to decide our next governor. If you want a new governor, vote then. Stop this incredible waste of our money.

Barbara Illowsky

SJ city manager hire
offers chance for change

We owe thanks to City Manager Dave Sykes for his 34 years of service to our city. San Jose has benefited from continuity and stability in the city manager’s office in recent years, but the pace and magnitude of change facing our city today must be met with equally dramatic changes in how our city government is organized and staffed.

Revenue shortfalls, housing, homelessness, pension liabilities and aging infrastructure are just a few of the vexing challenges our next city manager will face. At the same time, a Charter Review Commission is evaluating possible expansions in mayoral powers.

Mayor Sam Liccardo and the City Council must seize this moment to reimagine the role and necessary qualifications of our next city manager. The search for a permanent city manager should be deferred until after the Charter Review Commission’s work is completed and at that point, a nationwide search should be conducted.

Tobin Gilman
San Jose

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Division shouldn’t drive
state water policy

Belinda Faustinos and Barbara Barrigan-Parilla were on the right track when they wrote an editorial encouraging Gov. Gavin Newsom to provide clean water for all (“Governor’s choice is key to providing clean water for all,” Page A6, June 10). However, I think they created division where none should exist with the repeated use of “disadvantaged communities.”

The reality of California’s water problems is that as one dry year blends into another, we are all disadvantaged communities. Pollution and lack of water and pollution impact the entire state, a state that has tried to manage a limited supply of water as our population continues to grow and as we have become a major agriculture producer. We continue to fight over water possibly to the last drop.

It’s time to come together and realize we are all in the same boat, and that boat, rather than floating, is sitting in the mud.

Meade Fischer

Follow, don’t reconsider
Diablo Canyon law

While I agree with the sentiments of reader Donald Jedlovec (“State should revisit deactivating nuke plants,” Page A6, June 9), I have a slight disagreement on the law. SB 1090, Diablo Canyon …read more

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