Matthew Hoshor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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How would you like to have been on a plane stranded, delayed, and out of your wits? You probably would not like that possibility at all. But, how would you like it if, to relieve your wait, your pilot ordered you some food…food for you, along with all the other passengers? Some passengers would be glad about that occurrence–and that’s exactly what happened when one pilot, Captain Matthew Hoshor, took the reins on a flight Monday.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Matthew Hoshor Treated All His Passengers to Food on Monday, According to Reports

Hey, Sam. How awesome! We’re glad to hear the crew took care of you today. We’ll pass along your praise to our teams. ^BA

— United Airlines (@united) March 11, 2019

In an unexpected occurrence, Hoshor treated his passengers to what some would call a full meal during a delay that had reportedly frustutated some passengers beforehand.

Hoshor is said to have ordered 70 burgers for the passengers on the flight, distracting them from the no doubt annoying 5-hour delay, that was reported by ABC 7 News in Tulsa. Hoshor is a captain for Mesa Airlines.

Mesa Airlines flights are operated by United Airlines.

“We’re currently 2.5 hours into a delay leaving Tulsa on @united and our Captain, Matthew just ordered every single person on the plane lunch from Fat Guys Burger Bar,” Sam Walker, a passenger tweeted. “Good people and customer service do still exist! #UA6329″

Walker confirmed that the flight finally went “wheels up.” He reportedly sat in first class. Walker also confirmed in his tweets that the captain picked up the payments for the food.

“Awesome captain Mesa has here!” Walker tweeted.

Walker must have sent the tweet halfway through the reported 5-hour delay, if he and reports stated that their flight was delayed by five hours.

United Airlines confirmed the passenger’s tweet was true.

2. Matthew Hoshor’s Flight Had Been Heading a Short Distance

Their flight to Houston had been delayed more than two hours when @MesaAirlines Capt. Matthew Hoshor bought burgers for the entire plane #avgeek

— Andrea Leinfelder (Rumbaugh) (@andrearumbaugh) March 13, 2019

Though the delay seemed quite long, it was actually scheduled for a short distance, to take off for Houston. It was leaving from, and delayed in, Tulsa.

The weather was reportedly to blame for the delay, and precautions needed to be taken. Hoshor’s flight eventually took off and landed safely in Houston.

The delay happened at Tulsa International Airport on Monday.

Hoshor ordered the burgers for passengers from a nearby burger joint, Fat Guy’s, in Tulsa.

3. United Airlines, Which Operates Mesa Airlines, Heaped Praises on Matthew Hoshor

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