Miami-Dade Police Officer Alejandro I. Giraldo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Miami-Dade Police Department Director Juan Perez has relieved officer Alejandro I. Giraldo of his duties after he watched the video of Giraldo and other officers violently arrest a black woman who had called 911 in fear after being threatened by a man with a gun.

Dyma Loving, 26, and her friend Adriana Green, 22, called 911 after a neighbor allegedly harassed them and then threatened to shoot them. Miami-Dade Police responded.

But what is seen in the video Loving posted to Facebook is the disturbing and violent arrest, not of the man who she said threatened her, but of Loving. She said she also had her daughter with her.

The video begins with a measured voice asking the police to “please calm down.”

Next, an officer is heard saying, “She needs to be corrected if anything.”

Loving asks, “Why do I have to be corrected when my life and my daughter’s life was just threatened?”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Reports Corroborate Loving’s Account: A White Man Harassed Her & Green & Pulled a Gun on Them When They ‘Responded in a Way he Didn’t Like’

“So yesterday me and my friend Adri Green were minding our business and this white male began to harass us as we walked up the street when we responded in a way he didn’t like he pulled a gun out in my face and told me he would shoot my burnt black ass face off my neck,” Loving wrote on her Facebook post.

The incident occurred on March 6.

Five or more officers responded and spoke with Loving, Green and the man. Then, Officer Alejandro Giraldo rolls up and the tenor changes, Loving told the Miami New Times.

“Both police reports and [arrestee Dyma] Loving’s own account confirm she had neither behaved in a physically aggressive way nor threatened cops prior to [Officer Alejandro] Giraldo’s violent behavior. Cops did not detain the neighbor [Frank] Tumm, who pulled a gun on the women.”

— Billy Corben (@BillyCorben) March 14, 2019

“He started interrogating us like we were the suspects. I asked if he could escort us back to my friend’s house so I could put my phone on a charger and call my children. I had just had my life threatened and was terrified. He was so rude and aggressive from the get-go. He kept telling me I needed to calm down, but I was so scared at that moment,” she told the outlet.

2. Loving Called 911 on the Man With the Gun. Police Arrived & it Was Loving Who Was Arrested

“I called the police and instead of them checking him and getting him together me and my friend gets interrogated like we are the ones with the gun then I ask if I can just go in the house to charge my phone.! Officer #7839 came 3rd car to the scene acting as if because he has a badge he’s oh so bad talking down upon us …read more


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