Mike Golic says he heard his ESPN Radio run was ending through a media report

It’s Friday, the final day we’ll hear the legendary Mike Golic on the airwaves with ESPN Radio (again, a reminder he’ll still be on the air with ESPN as a college football analyst going forward).

The tributes have been pouring in, including from his former Mike and Mike partner Mike Greenberg. We’ll hear what Golic has to say as he signs off later on Friday, but before the end of his decades-plus-long run, he spoke with Sarah Spain on the That’s What She Said podcast.

He addressed both Mike and Mike and Golic and Wingo ending, and he’s done in the past, he was honest and up front about his feelings.

“I guess from the standpoint of Greeny wanting to do something else —  and that’s all been well-documented — I wish he’d have come to me and kind of was a little more upfront about it,” he said. “But that’s obviously in the past. And, listen, everybody has a right to try and go do what they want. He wanted to do something else. But I knew I was keeping the morning show.”

He then said Trey Wingo’s familiarity was “a good fit.” But as for their show ending?

“Whether Trey wanted to do that or not, to me, wasn’t the issue,” he said. “If he didn’t want to do it, and it was going to change, I thought, well I should still be on the show, and let’s just change it.”

Then, he said that he first heard from media reports that his run was ending:

“Unfortunately, the tough time this time around is I basically heard it was ending through the media. which, to me, isn’t the best way to find something out. I don’t think that’s the right way. But they didn’t ask me, so what I thought was the right way, it’s business. At the end of the day, it’s business. I’ve always said this about this about football and it’s true in anything, you’ve got to be careful at taking things too personally.”

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