Redditors are convinced there’s a correlation between Kyler Murray’s poor play and Call of Duty

You kind of knew this was coming, didn’t you?

The whole Kyler Murray and the “independent study” clause in his contract was the NFL offsesason’s weirdest kerfuffle — the Arizona Cardinals initially put in a clause stating he had to study without playing video games or watch TV for four hours a week, which doesn’t seem like a good thing for the franchise when you’re paying him large stacks of money.

They eventually removed the clause, but it was too late: It was a huge mess.

So what happened next? Well, NFL fans on Reddit and elsewhere are trying to find correlation between Call of Duty — a game he’s played a ton — and his poor play on the field, perhaps suggesting he was playing instead of studying.

So we’ve collected all the statistical analyses here:

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Source:: ForTheWin

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