Richmond man trafficked girls in Oakland while on trial facing child pornography production charges, feds say

Just one week after he was acquitted of producing child pornography but convicted of possessing it, a Richmond man was arrested in Oakland on suspicion of trafficking two young girls, the latest development in his federal case that has now spanned more than two years.

Kealeon Shakur Dyer-Hogan, 23, was first charged in late 2019 with trafficking a 17-year-old girl, but later hit with additional federal charges for allegedly filming his 13-year-old brother engaged in a sex act with a teen girl in the back of his car. Last year, he took the latter charges to trial and won a partial acquittal July 13, remaining out of custody and celebrating by getting a tattoo that used an expletive to taunt federal officials, court records show.

On Thursday, he is scheduled to be sentenced to 10 years in prison, records show. He pleaded guilty to a charge of sex trafficking of children in October.

Dyer-Hogan’s acquittal was shocking; it was undisputed that he filmed a 16-year-old girl perform oral sex on his underage brother in a car parked in West Contra Costa, but the defense convinced jurors that his purpose for filming wasn’t to create “a depiction” of sexually explicit content, a key element of the crime. The video was later circulated on social media, despite Dyer-Hogan’s promises to the girl that it would be deleted, according to court records.

A week after his partial acquittal, on July 21, Dyer-Hogan was back in court for allegedly trying to find out the 16-year-old girl’s whereabouts, in violation of a court order. A judge warned him to stay away from the girl but let Dyer-Hogan remain out of custody.

The very next day, he was arrested on the 1400 block of 21st Avenue in Oakland by an undercover police team. Officials had identified Dyer-Hogan as the pimp of two girls, aged 13 and 15, whom police detained in the sting operation. Police found a pistol in his car, prosecutors said in a sentencing memo.

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After that arrest, authorities pored through Dyer-Hogan’s phone and found thousands of text messages with suspected sex workers. They included 500 calls and texts with the 13-year-old girl; at one point he warned her, “You better keep it coo out there im hearin to much BS I got eyes erywhere lil ma” (sic), the sentencing memo says.

Other evidence included recorded calls on a California state prison line, where Dyer-Hogan allegedly implied to his half brother — who was in prison for manslaughter stemming from a 2007 homicide in Pittsburg — that the 17-year-old he was originally charged with trafficking bought him a car through sex work.

Dyer-Hogan’s attorney, assistant federal public defender Daniel Blank, wrote in court records that Dyer-Hogan was the product of an unstable childhood where he suffered many different kinds of abuse: For instance, his father threw a puppy off of a balcony in front of Dyer-Hogan, killing the dog, as a form of punishment. Blank wrote that his client first tried drugs and hard …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Latest News

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