‘Sharp Stick’ review: Everyone in Lena Dunham’s troublesome film starts out lost, stays there

Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth) has the emotional and intellectual maturity of someone half her age in “Sharp Stick.”


The greatly talented storyteller Lena Dunham made a triumphant splash in 2010 at the age of 24 as the writer-director-star of the film festival darling “Tiny Furniture,” followed by the wildly successful “Girls.” The groundbreaking series had a six-year run on HBO from 2012-2017 and turned Dunham into a household name who seemed to be involved in one controversy or another every few months through the 2010s.

Dunham continues to be a prolific writer, producer and actor, so it comes as something of a surprise to realize “Sharp Stick” is her first feature film in 12 years.

Unfortunately, though we’re reminded of Dunham’s gift for crackerjack dialogue and her considerable talents for creating memorable visuals out of even the most mundane of settings, e.g., a laundry room or the steps outside a semi-shabby apartment complex, “Sharp Stick” is a rather sour and troublesome film—a strange hybrid that sometimes plays like a Fractured Fairy Tale and is populated by razor-thin characters who behave in an inconsistent manner and exist in a world that alternates between gritty reality and some kind of bizarro alternative world where things just don’t add up.

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‘Sharp Stick’

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