Steelers’ Benny Snell still has a working fan built into his quirky mouthguard


With James Conner on the bench due to an injury, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Benny Snell more than picked up the slack, totaling 113 yards on 19 carries.

And his mouthguard was thrust back into the spotlight.

You see, going all the way back to his days at Kentucky, Snell made headlines for a mouthguard that has a built-in fan on the front that actually spins when he breathes. It looks super cool.

Since 2018, we’ve seen cameras capture the mouthguard, and if Snell takes over for Conner this year, we’re about to see a lot more of it.

Here’s Snell in college:

Benny Snell Jr with the win and when he stops, his mouthpiece keep spinnin

— Rchard oore (@Trickymoe) September 9, 2018

And in 2019:

And on Monday night, there it was again!

Benny Snell back with the spinning mouthguard

(via @thecheckdown)

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) September 15, 2020

Apparently it makes a whizzing sound when it spins, which just makes it that much cooler.



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