Twitter Reacts to Bill Walton Winnie The Pooh Rant During Oregon-Utah

With his playing days well behind him, the free-spirited Bill Walton has made a name for himself in the broadcast booth for his incredibly unique takes and long-winded rants. In a late night matchup between Oregon and Utah, Walton was on the mic when he went into a lengthy explanation of how Winnie the Pooh has worked his way into Bill’s basketball vernacular.

Bill Walton Winnie the Pooh Rant

“The honey hole is a long time basketball phrase, where it is right at the free throw line area. That’s where the honey is, right? We were talking about Winnie the Pooh, it all rolls into one, right? You’re looking for the honey. You like honey, right? So you get to the honey hole and good things happen and when you’re playing against the zone defense or playing any kind of basketball you want to get to the free throw line, the honey hole, so that’s what’s going to set up your offensive attack.”

To which broadcast partner Dave Pasch simply replied, “Just wanted you to explain it, didn’t know it was going to take a minute…”

Twitter Reaction to Bill Walton’s Winnie the Pooh Rant

Bill Walton quoting Winnie the Pooh during this Oregon/Utah game 😂😂😂

— Kevin Lunas (@kev_lunas) March 15, 2019

Bill Walton talking about Winnie the Pooh. This is all on national tv, they televise this stuff I guess. Neither team has broken 20 points. Played 16 mins. What a riot.

— Dave Christison (@dave_christison) March 15, 2019

I need to go to bed but Bill Walton just quoted Winnie the Pooh during a college basketball game and on a night with such awful news it was a small moment of goodness

— Meghan Viens (@MegV44) March 15, 2019

He just referenced Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Hole 😂 #lifeisgood

— Abby Boruff (@AbbyBoruff) March 15, 2019

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