Watch Family Matters Online: How to Stream Full Episodes


When you think of classic sitcoms from the ’90s, Family Matters springs to mind. The show was a staple on ABC’s TGIF lineup and introduced audiences to one of the most memorable neighbors of all time — Steve Urkel. While his role was only intended to be minor, he was a hit with audiences, and the show more or less was retooled to make him the center.

Still, the other members of the Winslow family were important as well. Even though the “family” in Family Matters seemed to rotate out a bit (yes, Laura had a sister at one point) the show, which you can watch streaming, still included a fair amount of touching moments and very important lessons.

Produced by Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett, the show started airing in 1989 and wrapped up in 1998 on another network. Today, you can watch Family Matters online, as Family Matters is streaming. Here’s the best way to watch.

How to Watch Family Matters Online & Stream the Complete Series

Among all the streaming services, Hulu has exclusive rights to every episode of Family Matters. There are a couple different options when signing up for Hulu, but either one will get you access to the show’s complete library:


If you simply want Hulu’s extensive on-demand library, you can sign up right here. It costs $7.99 per month for the limited commercials plan or $11.99 per month for the no commercials plan.

Hulu With Live TV

If you want to go from watching Hulu’s on-demand library to watching MLB games or other live TV without changing the app, you can sign up for “Hulu with Live TV”. This option gives you access to Hulu’s extensive on-demand library, as well as a bundle of 50-plus live TV channels. It costs $39.99 per month for the plan that includes limited commercials with the on-demand content or $43.99 per month for the plan that includes no commercials with the on-demand content.

After signing up for either of the above options, you can watch any episode of Family Matters on your computer via the Hulu website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the Hulu app.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

How Many Family Matters Seasons Are There?

There are nine seasons of Family Matters — the first eight aired on ABC, and the last season was picked up by CBS. Here’s a review of every season.

Family Matters Season 1

22 Episodes | September 1989 – April 1990
Viewers are introduced to the Winslow family, including father Carl, a cop, elevator operator Harriette Winslow, Harriette’s sister Rachel, and Rachel’s young son, Richie. Harriette and Rachel’s relationships with each other were tested in a few episodes. Laura and Eddie, Harriette’s kids, also have issues with school and grades. In one episode, Carl tries to force Eddie to try out for the basketball team, even though he shows little interest. Steve Urkel appears for the first time in episode 12, “Laura’s First Date.” Carl tries to push …read more


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