WATCH: Warriors’ Steve Kerr Compares Duke’s Zion Williamson to LeBron James

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr couldn’t hold it back. He simply had to talk about Duke Blue Devils star Zion Williamson after the performance he put on against the Kentucky Wildcats. But Kerr’s praise for the Duke freshman went so far that he even had to ask NBA commissioner Adam Silver not to fine him.

Here’s a look at the hilarious interview, courtesy of The Athletic’s Anthony Slater:

Steve Kerr amazed by Zion Williamson last night: “LeBron, I thought that was a one shot deal…” and then realizes he can’t say anything: “Adam, wherever you are, please don’t fine me.”

— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) November 7, 2018

“I saw some kid on Duke last night who was pretty impressive, my goodness. I probably can’t say anything more or mention his name … the one who’s 285 [pounds]. I thought LeBron [James], I thought that was a one-shot deal, but apparently, the next guy’s coming. And before I get fined I’m going to change the subject. I dug my own grave on this one. Adam [Silver], please don’t fine me, wherever you are, I didn’t mean anything by it.” Kerr said.

Duke’s Win & Zion Williamson’s Performance

The No. 4 ranked Blue Devils looked like they should have been ranked No. 1 after this win. Duke rolled the No. 2 Kentucky Wildcats 118-84 in a game that probably could have been even uglier than that.

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