White Woman Calls Cops on Black Man Babysitting White Kids [VIDEO]

Corey Lewis

Babysitting while black, the parents said of the incident that had their two kids, who were in the care of a friend and youth mentor, followed and then questioned by police to see if they were okay. It’s another in a seemingly endless parade of videos of white woman calling police on black people living, doing ordinary every day things.

“This lady from Walmart harassed, followed, & called the cops on me. ALL because I’m black and have 2 white kids with me.”

Corey Lewis was babysitting his friends’ kids Sunday. They went to Walmart and ate at the Subway there. A white woman begins to follow him as he and the kids leave. Lewis said she asked to “see the little girl I’m with to ask if she knows who I am.”

“All because I got two kids in the backseat that do not look like me she took it upon herself to take my plate down and call the police. It’s crazy. It’s 2018 and this is what I gotta deal with. I can’t go out with two kids that do not look like me and without something being weird,” Lewis says during the video. “She is still not moving! She is harassing me because I have two kids that do not look like me.”

Lewis explained that he was in the parking lot of a Cobb County, Georgia parking lot when the woman stopped him to ask if she could speak to the kids to see if they were alright. He was stunned. He said no she could not come speak to them. She said she would call the police. Lewis left the parking lot and drove to a nearby gas station and he said, while on Facebook Live in three separate videos that she followed him from the gas station to his home.

Lewis was incredulous but stays calm and composed as he documents what is taking place so as not to stress the kids. The video shows the woman parked a few doors down from his home. He’s stunned.

“She’s got these little kids sacred,” Lewis says in the video. The girl can be seen chewing on her nails and both kids frequently look out the back window as she follows them. They both appear anxious. Once at his house, still at once amazed and dismayed, the police rolled up.

A dark-colored police cruiser comes down the block.

“What’s up, man,” the police officer asks Lewis.

“I’m being followed and harassed, that’s what’s up,” Lewis responds.

“Please explain to the officer who Mr. Lewis is, please,” Lewis tells the kids, the girl is 10, her brother, 6, as the cop asks them to get out of the car.

The girl explains that Lewis has a youth center and he’s babysitting them; took them to the store, out to eat and then, on the way home, were followed, the girl says. The cop says he’s just making sure they’re alright. At one point he does a face palm. …read more

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