Amy Klobuchar is running for president in 2020. Here’s everything we know about the candidate and how she stacks up against the competition.

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Who is Amy Klobuchar?

Current job: US Senator from Minnesota since 2006 and 2020 presidential candidate.

Age: 58

Family: Klobuchar is married to attorney John Bessler, with whom she has a 23-year-old daughter named Abigail.

Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota.

Political party: Democratic/Democratic-Farmer-Labor.

Previous jobs: Corporate lawyer, partner at Minnesota law firms Dorsey & Whitney and Gray Plant Moody, Hennepin County Attorney from 1999 to 2006.

Who is Amy Klobuchar’s direct competition for the nomination?

Based on a recurring series of national surveys we conduct, we can figure out who the other candidates competing in Amy Klobuchar’s lane are, and who the broader opponents are within the party.

The average Klobuchar-satisfied respondent said they were satisfied with 6.6 other candidates, which is high: it means that people who like her tend to be considering several other choices. To stay competitive, she’ll want to be in line with the top candidates in the race, for whom that number is less than four. Just 4 percent of her supporters liked Amy and Amy alone.
Klobuchar’s most serious competition comes from inside the Senate. Among those who’d be satisfied with Klobuchar as nominee, over 70% would also be satisfied with Sen. Kamala Harris and about 60% also back Sen. Cory Booker or Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Among those senators, satisfaction figures are considerably higher among Klobuchar fans than among general Democrats. Harris’s and Booker’s satisfaction rates among Klobuchar fans are over 20 percentage points higher than their general rate. Warren’s is about 15 points higher. If someone likes Klobuchar, there’s a good chance they just like Senate Democrats.
Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke do well among Klobuchar fans as well, with their satisfaction rates coming in generally about 10 percentage points higher than usual.

Insider has been conducting a recurring poll through SurveyMonkey Audience on a national sample to find out how different candidate’s constituencies overlap. We ask people whether they are familiar with a candidate, whether they would be satisfied or unsatisfied with that candidate as nominee, and sometimes we also ask whether they think that person would win or lose in a general election against President Donald Trump.

about how we’re polling this here.

What are Amy Klobuchar’s policy positions?
On healthcare
At a March CNN town hall, Klobuchar said that while she wants to see universal healthcare coverage become a reality in the US, she does not support Medicare for All, calling it an “aspiration.”
At the Democratic primary debate in August, Klobuchar expressed her oppositionto eliminating private health insurance under Medicare for All. “Bernie wrote the bill, but I read the bill. And on page 8, it says that we will no longer have private insurance as we know it. That means 149 million Americans will no longer be able to have their current insurance. And I don’t think that’s a bold idea, I think it’s a bad idea.”
She added: “what I support is something Barack Obama wanted to do from the beginning, which creates a public option: a nonprofit choice that will bring down …read more

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