Andrew Yang is running for president in 2020. Here’s everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

Andrew Yang

Who is Andrew Yang?

Current job: Entrepreneur and 2020 presidential candidate.

Age: 44

Family: Yang and his wife Evelyn have two young sons.

Hometown: Schenectady, New York.

Political party: Democratic.

Previous jobs: Corporate lawyer, healthcare startup entrepreneur, CEO of Manhattan Test Prep, Founder and CEO of Venture for America.

Who is Andrew Yang’s direct competition for the nomination?

Based on a recurring series of national surveys we conduct, we can figure out who the other candidates competing in Andrew Yang’s lane are, and who the broader opponents are within the party.

The average Yang-satisfied respondent said they were satisfied with 5 other candidates, which is okay: it means that people who like him tend to be considering just a few other choices. To stay competitive, he’ll want to be in line with the top candidates in the race, for whom that number is less than four.
This is encouraging for him: 8 percent of his supporters liked him and him alone, which is high at this point in the cycle. That means that he’s been really good at locking down fans — only frontrunners Biden and Sanders have done better — which will serve him well later in the race.
Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren do better among Yang voters than they do among Democrats in general.
While Former Vice President Joe Biden is popular among Yang supporters, the businessman’s backers like Biden about 10 percentage points less than your typical Democrat.

Insider has been conducting a recurring poll through SurveyMonkey Audience on a national sample to find out how different candidate’s constituencies overlap. We ask people whether they are familiar with a candidate, whether they would be satisfied or unsatisfied with that candidate as nominee, and sometimes we also ask whether they think that person would win or lose in a general election against President Donald Trump.

about how we’re polling this here.

What are Andrew Yang’s policy positions?
On healthcare:
Yang supports Medicare For All and a single-payer healthcare system where healthcare would be funded by the government as opposed to private insurance agencies.
At the third Democratic debate in September, Yang said, “As someone who has run a business, I can tell you flat-out our current health care system makes it harder to hire, it makes it harder to treat people well and give them benefits, it makes it harder to change jobs, and it certainly makes it harder to start a business.”
He also joked, “I’m Asian, so I know a lot of doctors. And they tell me that they spend a lot of time on paperwork, avoiding being sued, and navigating the insurance bureaucracy. We have to change the incentives so that instead of revenue, people are focused on our healthcare system.”
Yang also wants to expand access to mental health services, advocating for an increase in providers serving rural areas, requiring insurance companies to cover postpartum depression screenings for new mothers, and incentivizing providers to use AI for more efficient healthcare.

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